Make a brew…

I know what you’re wondering.  You want to know what on earth made me call the company ‘Make a Brew’.  After all I’m a branding, social media and marketing expert.

It’s simple really. I’m a northern lass, so when I meet my clients, I make a brew and we sit and have a chat about their requirements.  It’s a much better way for us to discover all we need to about one another rather than sitting in a formal meeting room.  For me it’s all about good conversation and making a connection.  Great ideas spring from good conversation.  (Just as a point of reference, if you’re not northern then a brew is a cup of tea… don’t want you thinking I brew my own beer or gin or something…)

I have over 22 years of experience in graphic design, branding and digital marketing.  After many years of working for someone else, I realised that I would much rather work directly with clients and be able to give a fresh, bespoke service in all the areas of marketing that I cover.

I work with a close group of associates who cover the areas I don’t.  So, from personal branding through image and photography, to copywriting and website design, we can cover the lot.

When preparing to write this I was asked for three words others would use to describe me.  They came back as ‘creative’, ‘determined’ and ‘geek’ – make of that what you may.

Anyway, I’m Clare and ‘I’m pleased to meet you. #LetsMakeABrew


Do you want to create a strong, forward-thinking, brand identity that helps your business stand out?


Graphic Design

Do you need fresh, strategically thought design for your brochures, business cards or social content?

Digital Marketing

Do you have a scattergun approcah to your marketing? Do yo know what you going to post when and where?

Consultancy & Ideas

Do you see the trees or the wood? Could you benefit from different ideas? Book a session with me.

Social Media Management

You have a strategy, you either know what to post and don’t have time or you need help with both.



Need some business cards at short notice, a pull up banner for an event or some literature for a campaign?

Make a brew deliver results, we are ideas focussed and everything we do is for you and your business growth and success. Your business is as important as our own so when you succeed, we succeed.

Say Hello!

Let’s make a brew

Do you need some help with your branding, creative design work or a social media plan? Have you got a project in mind? or are you just stuck? Have a brew and we guarantee we will make a difference.

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