Focus Hour

Are you a business owner who wants to develop your brand; apply your brand more consistently; or have any questions relating to your brand or brand strategy.

Why not jump on a zoom for an hour with me.


Some of the things I've covered are…


“Clare Froggatt of Make a Brew took time out of her schedule to help me with my University of Bradford MBA assignment on digital marketing and branding.

I wanted to know how the theory is applied in a B2B setting, and what brand management is…

It was a really amazing hour of asking a question and listening. Clare has suggested some reading for me.

This is a heartfelt THANK YOU for your time Clare Froggatt, and an endorsement for anyone wanting to know more about their own brand.”

Attracting ideal clients through brand strategy


I actioned all of the things we discussed and I’ve been rammed with all the types of work I had hoped for. I have a waiting list and my effort now is going into keeping my downtime! 

Everything we discussed was super helpful and I am very grateful to you.”

Branding for websites


“Clare helped me to apply my brand identity and colour palette to my website, cleverly using colours to highlight sections and call to action buttons.

I am now confident that my brand is applied consistently to my website and I am using the range of my brand colours palette to great effect”

Let's make a difference to your understanding and the application of your brand to create an immediate impact.

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