GKCC Brand #Boom Offer

GKCC Brand Boom Offer

Put the pencil down 

I’m here…


Do you need ideas on how to get your brand out there?


You know you’re good at what you do, but you don’t consider yourself creative or good with marketing?


If you want to make your brand and business #BOOM, read on

Many business owners struggle with their own marketing.  You’re too close to what you do to view it either through the eyes of your target audience or in a creative way.

I totally get that.

It’s exactly why I’ve created Brand #Boom … because my clients were facing this over and over again.

Brand #Boom gives you a designer, marketing manager, project manager, and brand expert all in one and on tap with a risk-free guarantee!

Use it as a one off, or a regular resource… the choice is yours.

Brand #Boom… 

…an idea generating, strategic, action plan

Step One: 15 Minute Discovery Call

We quickly get to know one another, discuss where you’re currently at, what you’re struggling with, and where you’d like to be.

If we both feel like a good fit – we book a 90-minute strategy session so I can help you achieve your goals.

Step Two:  90 minute strategy and ideas session (delivered on zoom or in person, location dependent)

Following the meeting you will receive a detailed, written, action plan so that you have a clear record of what actions you need to implement.  If the meeting was held on Zoom you will also receive a recording of the meeting.

Step Three:  A 30 minute accountability, follow up call

A week or two after our strategy session, we’ll jump on a call to see how you’re getting on.  I can clarify anything you’re unsure of and make sure you’re taking the action we agreed to move your brand and business to the next level.

Brand #Boom Cost and Guarantee

£197.00 with a money back guarantee!

If you feel you haven’t got value from the strategy and ideas session, you get your money back – that’s how confident I am that we can make a real difference together.

And if you want to continue working with me you will get a discount on the cost of your next project*.

*If booked within 6 weeks of the Brand #Boom session.

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